Pretty Lauren

Welcome! My name is Lauren and I'm the girl behind Happily Candied. It's with great excitement that I introduce my new little corner of the world to you! There are lots of areas to check out, like the new Shop where I'll be listing prints and one-of-a-kind toy creations; the Reviews page that showcases talented artists and fun products; and, as always, my good old Blog where I share my personal explorations with dolls, toys and all the sweet things in life. (Read more...)

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Make way, folks, Retsuko has entered the building

Heart Day is almost upon us and the celebrations have already started at the Happily Candied headquarters! The funny thing is that I’m honestly not that into celebrating the holiday. The general concept is nice, but I also think the whole thing is a bit overhyped. That’s why I keep celebrations simple, and I don’t […]

Oh look, a sleeping Rowlet in the wild!

If you’ve followed me at all anywhere online, you most definitely know that I’m incredibly particular when it comes to finding perfect plushes (or any cute collectible for the matter). Even if it means searching for months or years, I’ll hold off buying anything that doesn’t meet a certain criteria that comes much too naturally […]

A little bit of Boba Tea from Jellycat

I have fewer opportunities to photograph my hobbies these days, but in a way, I think that helps me appreciate the moments actually can set aside for my personal photography. That said, I can’t complain. So, what do we have here? It looks like a baby owl has stumbled into the midst of my Happily […]