Friday, July 5, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf wish list

My town, Owlshire, is really turning into something special. I worked on the first big stages of the town's development and now I'm focusing more on personalizing my character's house. This post contains a list of the items I'm hoping to acquire for Kisu.

Overall: I'm working on making my entire house a confectionery/bakery, so really, I would appreciate accumulating everything and anything related to SWEETS, even if certain items aren't listed below. I'm also hoping to display a lot of toys (especially dolls) in Kisu's bedroom. Feel free to email me or leave me a comment if you have one or more of the items below. Contact information is provided in column to the right on the blog.

Wish list
    Furniture (Single items)
    1. Wedding Cake (Japan DLC) Still looking for more!
    2. Afternoon Tea Set (Japan DLC) Still looking for more!
    3. Shaved-Ice Lamp (Korea DLC)
    4. Pumpkin Pie  Still looking for more!
    5. Boxed Figurine Still looking for more!
    6. Birthday Cake
    7. Hibiscus
    8. Mama Polar Bear
    9. Pink Heart Balloon
    10. Blue Heart Balloon
      1. Patchwork Series (all needed except for sofa, lamp, dresser, table and chair)
      2. Rococo Series
      3. Princess Series
      4. Sweets Series (all needed except for wallpaper, floor, bed and chair)
      5. Mermaid Series 
      6. Alpine Series
      (I'm actually interested in all pastel flowers from breeding: orange, pink, purple, blue. Pink is my favorite, especially the flowers listed below.)
      1. Pink Carnations
      2. Pink Roses 
      3. Pink Lilies 

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