The Happily Candied name

What’s in a name? Just about everything! Names have always been important to me. They’re one of the first impressions when first introduced to anything in the world, or universe, for that matter: people, pets, dolls, businesses, planets, stars, galaxies and everything in between. Happily Candied is no different from those things, which is why I put so much thought into the name. Every little detail comes into play, and by explaining those details, I hope that you find more appreciation of the name, and you may just get to know me a little better in the process!

Happily Candied stands for all that I love in life, especially the happiness in everyday happenings and the sweetness found in my hobbies (desserts, dolls, toys, art, games, literature, film, etc.). It contains two words that I love dearly. “Happily” has always been attached to the phrase “Happily ever after...” in my mind, a saying that reflects my adoration of fairy tales and the imaginations of people young and old. “Candied” is filled with so much sugary goodness that my heart wants to burst from the sweet word overdose every time I think about it. Even saying the word out loud immediately makes me think of candied apples and sugar cookies. That sweetness not only reflects my literal affinity for sugar; it represents my outlook on life. Staying positive and upbeat by focusing on the small things that make me and others happy is what life is all about. That ideology keeps me forever young, inside and out. It’s my wish that others who join in on my world also get a glimpse of that happy outlook and end up leaving it feeling “Happily Candied.”

This site brings together all of those ideas into one place for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you’re five or 62, Happily Candied is here for you to explore. It’s my hope that every page will open new doors to various realms of the imagination.

Exploring the all new HappilyCandied.com

As you probably noticed, HappilyCandied.com is no longer just a blog; it’s blossomed into a whole website full of new and wondrous pages, many of which have been a long time in the making. The entire site is the culmination of years and years of my life as a doll collector, artist, writer and photographer. I’m beyond thrilled to finally be able to bring all of those passions together into one place!

It’s my pleasure to introduce the brand new Happily Candied Shop, a place where deliciously creative items dreamt up by me are available for purchase. To view the latest and greatest news about items hitting the Shop, keep an eye out for articles introducing products on the News page!

Another new installment to the site is the Reviews page, a section where I’ll be sharing photos, descriptions and reviews of some of my favorite creative pieces by talented artists from all over the world.

The Blog is an oldie, but a goody, to HappilyCandied.com. It contains posts dating back to 2012 and I’ll continue to update it regularly with my personal adventures with my dolls, toys, family and all the things in my life that I hold dear.

The Portfolio page is still in production. Check back for updates about it in the future!

The last new feature for HappilyCandied.com is the Contact page where you and other visitors have the option to contact me by using a message form. The Elsewhere section on the page lists off various other networks where I can be found online.

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About Lauren

Truth be told, I had a magical childhood. Looking back now as a 30-year-old, I feel lucky to have such pretty memories of life and all the possibilities I felt even back then as a child. I grew up with a mom who taught me that fairies were real and I could someday come across one if I believed in them enough. She said I could be anything I wanted to be as long as I worked towards the dream to my best abilities. She let me stay up later than most children my age so we could watch Star Trek, Hercules, Xena and The X-Files together. She bought tons of Celtic music CDs when I was in grade school and played them over the loudspeakers in the family room while my sisters and I did our homework. She would pump up the volume of the latest RPG video game we were all playing together over our house’s intercom, and every time she did that, my sisters and I would dash upstairs to play video games with her after we came home from grade school. My mom told me that, like the little boy’s grandmother in the movie The Witches, she would believe me if I ever came across a person who I thought was a witch. My mom pushed my imagination to the extreme, and it’s because of her amazing will to believe in the fantastical creatures and events in this world that I’ve become the person I am today. Without her, I wouldn’t believe in and see all the beautiful things in the world that I see every day.

My love for imagination and fantasy led me down many important paths in my life, all of which helped lead me to the creation of Happily Candied. I’ve been a writer and an artist since a very young age. Back in the days when a computer wasn’t found in almost every house, I would sit at the kitchen counter and type up elaborate short stories on my family’s ancient typewriter. New worlds with characters only I understood were created through my ever-growing imagination– and vocabulary. While I failed to understand the technicalities of math and science, the worlds of English, art and history came to me naturally. My mom and I would study for tests by sitting on her bedroom floor eating chocolate, and she would explain how each period of history was like a story that needed to be told to better understand present day. Hearing how past lives were connected was fascinating to me and hearing their stories retold through my mom somehow allowed me to make sense of life. My mom passed on this skill of storytelling, which pushed me to continue writing stories of my own. From grade school to college, I enrolled in all kinds of art and writing courses– creative writing, film and painting being my favorites. I wrote poetry, very long short stories, screenplays and so many other inspiring pieces that eventually drove me to other creative ventures, like photography and the art of customizing dolls and toys. The physical representation of my characters and scenes through these hobbies has made life come alive for me.

I always have fun telling people that “dolls are in my blood” because it’s probably the truest fact about me– the one thing that really explains my roots and the reason why I am who I am. My grandma is an antique doll collector and dealer, and my mom is an antique doll repairer and collector. They’ve taken on these hobbies for most of their lives and they passed down their love of dolls to me when I was born. Ever since I was a toddler, I can remember being surrounded by countless dolls in large cases stretching to the ceiling and couches full of breathtaking Victorian clothes and the rarest of rare dolls, ranging from composition to bisque to porcelain to plastic. I’ve taken in all kinds of dolls my entire life. It’s been a true privilege having the opportunity to become so familiar with such a fascinating hobby. My life has become defined by dolls and everything related to them.

My love for dolls has led to many art and toy loves, and in doing so, it’s given me the opportunity to meet hundreds of amazingly talented people from all over the world. The people and the adventures I’ve had with them have offered me more than I could have ever dreamed of experiencing in my lifetime. It’s because of them that I feel so fulfilled and I’m forever thankful for that gift.

It’s my wish to share these memories and accomplishments through my creative travels with you through HappilyCandied.com. Many thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your adventures here!

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