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Review: The artistry behind Evangelione dolls

I’d seen Evangelione dolls around in the doll community for two years prior to owning one myself, but I wasn’t formally introduced to them until my close friend, Celena, asked me to help her snatch one up in the official Evangelione shop in September 2013. At the time, I hadn’t yet gone out of my […]

Review: Pollux Moonie of the Gossamer

I received one of the most precious gifts in my life yesterday. And what better way to celebrate the occasion than by giving a small review, the first one ever on the new! This little fellow, a traveler from the skies, fell into my lap as part of a belated birthday present thanks to […]

Loving Kirby: Triple Deluxe

If you follow me on Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram you’re probably already well aware of my adoration for Kirby: Triple Deluxe. And if you haven’t heard me raving about it yet, here’s your chance to find out exactly why I think it’s so kickass!First off, I think it’s important to mention that I’ll be making some […]

Final impressions of Yoshi’s New Island

I’ve been playing Yoshi’s New Island on and off since I picked it up on its official release day on March 14th. As always, I wanted to stretch out the gameplay as much as possible so I could fully enjoy every aspect of the game. Just last night, after nearly two months of enjoying my […]

V-egging out with Yoshi’s New Island

I picked up my copy of Nintendo’s Yoshi’s New Island at GameStop on its official release day, March 14th. Almost two weeks later and I’m still having a fun time shooting eggs, beating bosses and listening to those legendary screeching cries from Baby Mario.Lucky for me, my ears are used to that unbearable sound. Yoshi […]

Advancements in the world of Tamagotchi

I’ve been having a blast trying out my new Tamagotchi ID L-English this past week. A lot of my free time has been spent discovering all of the new features. I’m constantly amazed at how much more advanced the latest versions are compared to the earlier Tamas!Note: Sugar is a girl and she’s three years […]

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Official Game Guide

I bought this Animal Crossing: New Leaf Official Game Guide a few weeks ago but wasn’t able to photograph it until now due to the recent problems with my camera. Alas! I’m excited to share my feelings about the book with the world because many good things have come from buying it.Note: Featured in the […]

Adding to the Animal Crossing fun

More Animal Crossing goodness to share! The newest addition to my collection is this adorable case made for the Japanese 3DS LL, which happens to be the same thing as the 3DS XL found in every other Nintendo region.I debated whether or not to get the case for a while before taking the plunge. I […]

Personal thoughts about ‘The Da Vinci Code’

Please note: I don’t talk too much about plot points, so I don’t believe any spoilers are given in this “review.” I’m mostly touching base on my opinions about the structure of the story, Brown’s writing style and how the two affected my reading.General thoughtsI read The Da Vinci Code because I was interested to […]

Jerry Berry’s first one-of-a-kind doll releases

Just a few days ago, Jerry Berry announced on Flickr and Facebook that it would be releasing its very first one-of-a-kind dolls: one Jerry and one Berry. (And yes, that means that only ONE of each doll will be for sale.) This was extremely exciting news for JB fans! The company’s limited edition dolls are […]